Classic Cars – Hobby or Passion

By: Levi Quinn

For some people, a car is just a car. It is nothing more than a means to get from one place to another. There are others, however, that view automobiles, especially classics, with a passion and fervor. They do not just drive their cars; they collect them, restore them and show them off with the kind of pride generally reserved for new parents.

What is it that drives classic car enthusiasts into this hobby and what are the rewards of doing so?

Motivations for individual collectors can actually cover a host of reasons. Some people get into the hobby to realize a childhood dream to own a particular make and model. Others are simply in love with the artistry and engineering of classic cars. They revel in owning and driving their own pieces of history. There are even others who find the financial rewards of owning and restoring a classic are incredibly appealing. While it is certainly true that not all restored classics are worth a small fortune, there are many that are.

Beyond the potential for financial rewards down the road, hobbyists that choose to restore a single classic car or even an entire fleet of them realize many other benefits from doing so. This is a hobby that is embraced by passionate fans the world over. While it does require an initial and even ongoing investment in time and money, classic car owners often realize these rewards:

A sense of satisfaction – There is nothing quite like taking an old automobile and carefully working it back to its former glory. Restoring a classic, which is generally defined as any car 25 years or older, is a challenging process that can produce an incredible sense of satisfaction when completed. For many hobbyists, this is a labor of love that pays off when the car is road ready and restored to its former glory.

A way to bring the family together – Many classic owners find the restoration process is something an entire family can get involved with. Even family members who are not mechanically inclined can get in on the act of hunting for parts, cleaning and caring for the vehicle.

A way to own a piece of history – Classic car owners are responsible for helping keep a piece of history alive and running. This alone can be a huge motivation for those who see automobiles as works of art to get in on the hobby.

A way to gain camaraderie – While not all collectors show their classics or even join clubs, many hobbyists do. Classic car clubs provide a social outlet for the entire family and they can also serve as an invaluable resource during the restoration process. Classic clubs also provide an opportunity for hobbyists to show off their work during shows and tours.

While owning a classic or even collecting a fleet of them is not necessarily a walk in the park during the restoration process, this hobby delivers many rewards. The elbow grease and financial investment can pay off with an incredible way to spend spare time that delivers challenges, satisfaction and even eventual financial rewards.

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